One of the core problems of critical thinking is that you can’t fix gaps in your knowledge or understanding if you don’t know what your gaps are. In other words - how do you know what you don’t know?

When you can quickly find and fill your knowledge gaps, you are said to be objective. Others naturally see you as a leader because you are fair-minded and treat others fairly, you are empathetic so that others feel that you understand them, and your decisions are respected because they are seen to be deep, well-informed and considerate. Objectivity is a rational skill, but its benefits lie in how you make others feel and perceive you.


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Pedro, Entrepreneur
As usual, great workshop from Geoff. The activities will make you question yourself a lot... Don't go if you are sad ;)
Learned a lot ! Interesting stuff.
Maida, ESL Coach and proofreader
It was a really interesting session. I never thought of how important being objective is rather than being subjective. In other words making sure you have all the facts to back yourself up. Very helpful in businesses.
Jun Chen, Medical device marketer
Very thought-provoking content, delivered in a very interesting way. As an attendee, I enjoyed this session a lot!