As workplaces evolve to be more collaborative and job proficiency relies more heavily on interpersonal skills, the line between leaders and followers is being blurred. Employers are putting a premium on self-reliant workers that have strong leadership skills. Whether you have a position of authority or not, communication and social skills, good judgement and critical thinking, and personal responsibility and initiative are your ticket to better work prospects and accomplishment.

Tap into your inner leader! This workshop will begin with a short presentation about the elements of leadership and will be followed by practical exercises to uncover your hidden talents and improve your skills.

Who is this for?


Duration: 2-3 hours

Participants: 8-25


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Jenny Arsenyuk, Animalia AS (Norwegian research center for meat and poultry industry)
I found the workshop to be very informative and fun. Exercises in a playful form gave a good insight in the process of leadership and definitely made the learning process easy and fun. Thank you, Geoff!
Pedro Despouy, lemonpage.ca
You go to learn from somebody, but at the end, you learn about yourself… It was a great experience. Thank you, Geoff! ????
Sam Chamas, samchamas.com
I really enjoyed Geoff's presentation and activities, he is well organized and clear with his communication. I really enjoyed the games and the presentation and learning how to be a leader. I have learned a lot more then what was expected and I am very happy.
A fun experience