Geoff Brown

Geoff began his career in industrial design and prototyping. He then created and ran a successful web development business for ten years.

Throughout his career Geoff has always stayed true to three ideals: support your team 100%, joy is found in mastery, and you'll always love your work if you create value for others.

Having experienced the successes, failures, anxieties and accomplishments of entrepreneurship, Geoff became a coach in order to share his experience and to help others realize their own hopes of building a successful and fulfilling business. He focuses his coaching practice on leadership, motivation, interpersonal skills and critical thinking, and his strengths are great listening skills, open-mindedness and strong analytical skills.


Geoff built and ran a successful web development business for ten years where he worked with several leading global corporations and acted as team lead and tech lead on international projects leading teams spread out across North America, Europe and India.

As a business coach, he has helped a range of entrepreneurs to find motivation and confidence, has given many successful workshops, and is a TEDx mentor and guest lecturer at the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University.


Geoff loves athleticism and outdoor sports. He has travelled across Canada coast to coast by bicycle, completed the Canadian Basic Parachute Course, and competed at the national level as a marksman. He has completed two marathons, and co-founded Operation Triumph to raise over $5000 for charity.


Geoff enjoys health and fitness, cooking, reading books by Steven Pinker or Douglas Adams, and geeking out on superhero movies.

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Mika 438, Coach
Malheureusement arrivé en retard cependant très intéressant
Sam Chamas,
Once again, I have enjoyed this evening discussion on interpersonal skills. I cant wait for the next meetup!
stephane tosi, inovestor
Pretty good attendance, more people than I expected. Well driven meetup, I think no one will regret the time spent. I think I was amongst ( not to say the top) speakers/ communicators ( I hope not felt as a Terminator!) for this session. I had a wonderfull and usefull evening.
Great workshop, glad to have activities along with the presentation to apply what we are taught.
Pedro, Entrepreneur
As usual, great workshop from Geoff. The activities will make you question yourself a lot... Don't go if you are sad ;)
Learned a lot ! Interesting stuff.
Maida, ESL Coach and proofreader
It was a really interesting session. I never thought of how important being objective is rather than being subjective. In other words making sure you have all the facts to back yourself up. Very helpful in businesses.
Jun Chen, Medical device marketer
Very thought-provoking content, delivered in a very interesting way. As an attendee, I enjoyed this session a lot!
Margot, Business Analyst
Great workshop where my critical thinking has been challenged by good theorical and practical materis. Thx to Art of mind. To be continued !
Michel, Wellness coach health in nutrition of Herbalife
I encourage more people to take part next time because I have really liked the teaching and discussions.
Pedro, Entrepreneur
The group activity showed the different facets of coming up with an idea, including filtering the crazy ones... Great workshop!
Maida, Proofreading and ESL teacher
The meetup was excellent and well done. I learned a great deal of useful information about brainstorming and generating ideas which I will definitely put to use in my own businesses.
Sam Chamas,
Once again, great presentation and fun game!
Jenny Arsenyuk, Animalia AS (Norwegian research center for meat and poultry industry)
I found the workshop to be very informative and fun. Exercises in a playful form gave a good insight in the process of leadership and definitely made the learning process easy and fun. Thank you, Geoff!
Pedro Despouy,
You go to learn from somebody, but at the end, you learn about yourself… It was a great experience. Thank you, Geoff! ????
Sam Chamas,
I really enjoyed Geoff's presentation and activities, he is well organized and clear with his communication. I really enjoyed the games and the presentation and learning how to be a leader. I have learned a lot more then what was expected and I am very happy.
A fun experience
Darlene Fitz, Obstetrics nurse
Very good presentation, everyone actively participated. No one was made to feel uneasy. Improvements in regards to public speaking were seen by all. If participants had any bad habits in regards to stance or overuse of filler words, it was pointed out. Keep up the good work.
Casseline Rosello, Le Garage & co
It was fun and friendly, Geoff was a good example. Good speech to give general advice. Fun random topics given by the app. However too little time for deep feedback.
Robert, Robert J. Sands Consulting, Inc.
Very helpful and well structured. Geoff is a skilled thinker, a good coordinator and a great facilitator. He's someone who truly knows how to help people develop the important soft skills necessary for growth and development. This workshop got me just enough out of my comfort zone, yet close enough for me to feel great and expand my abilities. I really enjoyed it!
Xavier de Lisle
The meeting was very enriching, a part of course and a lot of practice. The group and Geoff was very nice and make you feel relaxing when you speak. Thank you for the experience.

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